The fifth sense, otherwise known as our sense of smell, has always been my favorite of all the human senses. Most of my childhood memories involve a certain smell; my mother's chocolate chip cookies, the field where we played soccer, the horse barn, my dog's green-stained paws after he ran around on fresh cut grass, the upholstery of my first car, the scent of Bonnie Bell Lip smackers.... sour grapes, bubblegum, toasted marshmallow... and Mr. Sketch scented magic markers.  I think I tried to eat the blueberry marker when I was a kid.

It probably doesn't seem like a big leap that I would be fascinated by fragrance from an early age. I remember asking for Ungaro Diva for my 14th birthday.  Imagine a 14 year old wearing that perfume?  I was taken by the bottle and the image of the model in the white dress that mirrored the bottle's shape. That's when the perfume collecting began. Throughout every stage of my life; high school, college, jobs, friendships, vacations ~ there's a perfume memory.  But it’s not simply a memory of wearing a certain perfume, it’s more specifically that the scent of certain perfumes evoke, sometimes startlingly so, memories and events in my life.  In high school I vividly recall wearing Perfumer’s Workshop Tea Rose (and Poison and Lou Lou by Cacharel, but I digress).  If I smell Tea Rose today, I visualize the hallways of my high school, my orange locker that I could kick open, didn’t need to dial the combo; I can see all the posters and notes and stickers inside that locker.  Smell, more than any other sense, transports me, and I find this amazing.   

 Over the past few years I've delved more deeply into the world of perfume.  I've read about the various perfume houses and their "noses", those elusive fragrance artists and their inspirations.  My taste in perfume has evolved perfume by perfume to where I now love at least one fragrance from each scent category. Even if I don't love a fragrance enough to wear it there are so many that I admire and enjoy smelling and testing.   I have come to the conclusion that perfume is, quite simply, an art form.  Yes, there is some science or perhaps chemistry to the development of perfume, but in the end, it is an artist who creates a beautiful fragrance.

This brings me to today, to the creation of The Posh Peasant.  In my quest to read, smell and investigate everything I could get my hands on about perfume I found some fantastic perfume blogs, (check my perfume musings & links section for a list of essential reading).  To my absolute delight I discovered I wasn’t entirely crazy, there are loads of people out there that don’t just have one signature scent but instead change perfume with the seasons (I believe most of us accept the term “perfumista” by now).  There are a good number of us who switch perfumes during the course of a day and I got a good chuckle when I found with their daily shout board that uses the following acronyms for this behavior: SOTM = Scent of the Morning, SOTD = Scent of the Day, SOTE = Scent of the Evening! 

I have always been ecstatic when a new bottle, sample or decant I've ordered arrives in the mail.  Nearly everyone I know gives the standard advice to always “follow your passion” in life, so I decided to create a business that involves selling one of my favorite things, perfume, for other perfumistas to enjoy.  I wanted The Posh Peasant to meet two goals.  To sell full niche lines as well as a vast array of hand-made decants.  For the niche lines I’ve specifically sought out the true indie perfumers who make their perfumes in small batches and to me are the real deal.

I sincerely hope that The Posh Peasant allows you to further explore the beautiful world of fragrance to your hearts content!